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| Atlantis Healing Technology | Development & History of the Trinity Table | Trinity Table Sessions |

What is the Trinity Table?

It is a Powerful Tool created to assist one in their Ascension process. This in it's essence, simply means "Remembering the Truth of Who You and What YOU are"...

All the effects such as chakra clearing and balancing, out of body experiences, clairvoyance, clairaudience, are just a few of what have been experienced with the Trinity Table, by the thousands. 

Of these thousands, some well known and very credible healing professionals have described this, "Spiritual Energy Technology" as a "Doorway To The Soul",  or "Star Gate" as a portal opens almost immediately when starting the session.

Trinity Table

In all realms, the Trinity Table is considered to be a Sacred Spiritual Object and operates in conjunction with all laws of physics and the universe. When used with the proper INTENT it serves to readily expand your consciousness and your connection with the Universal Creator Energies. During sessions an elevated and enhanced inter-dimensional energetic field is produced. Or what some refer to as a Star Gate. A Portal accessing the Universal Consciousness and other dimensionalities. In effect, there is a Star Gate and a Vortex created wherein unlimited possibilities exist for work to be performed at all energetic levels.

A deep state of relaxation occurs very rapidly. During the experience, the lower Alpha, Theta and even Delta state can be achieved, with the help of a trained facilitator. The Theta state is only reached a few moments during deep sleep or by someone very proficient at meditation. Scientific research has determined that within the lower Theta and optimally in the Delta is where the perfect Healing state occurs.

When your "Energetic System" is balanced, the result is a dramatic outward (physical manifestation) correction or improvement in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness!

  Your session facilitators are Earl B Hall and Shirley Huta.

As we continue to create more of our own New Earth reality, we are also being called to be of greater service... This is our PASSION, OUR LOVE...

Spiritual Energy Exchange (rates)...

Your session may last 60-90 minutes. Plan accordingly.  The suggested energy exchange is $111.  However, Spirit asks that you honor Yourself, Creator, Facilitators and Sacred Technology. The Universe is providing you with a potentially life changing evolutionary experience. Please give according to your means. The Universe knows the Truth of Your Heart and reflects back to you accordingly.

We are located in Sedona / Cottonwood, Az.  If you are drawn or called to experience a Trinity Table session, please inform us ahead of time if you are bringing someone else. The session times can then be allocated properly.

To schedule a small group (4-6 people) gathering or retreat please Shirley Huta by phone at (440) 261-1167 or email via our "Contact Page". We will be honored to try and accommodate your needs.

Infinite blessings.

| Development & History of the Trinity Table |






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